About Me – What the hell is this?!



This is Me, my mind on paper, well virtual paper.

I am Grant, you can call me G.

I am 33, married with 4 children (3 girls, 1 boy) and we live on the Isle of Wight with our cat Peaches (named after Princess Peach) and two rabbits Lumpy & Bubblegum (named after the Adventure Time princesses)

I love geek/nerd culture – my current passions (these change a lot!) include Pokémon, Power Rangers, Skee Ball (you probably could have guessed those 3!), Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Star Wars, Star Trek, Ultraman, TMNT, Godzilla, He-Man & The Masters of the Universe, Retro Gaming and many many more.

I am currently the editor of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society publication ‘Cosmic Masque’, having previously edited their ‘zine ‘Celestial Toyroom’ (www.dwasonline.co.uk) I have published my own Doctor Who Fanzine ‘Blue Box’ and written for several other Who related fanzines, I have also had 4 pieces published in Doctor Who related books.

Now I have have set myself goals, targets, Life Quests, G Quests.

This blog will record my progress and also be a doorway into my collective mind – you have been warned!

Enjoy your stay…

G x

PS – Ever want to chat then email me at dalek82@hotmail.co.uk or follow me on Twitter @geeky_g


4 thoughts on “About Me – What the hell is this?!

    1. Hey. Thank you for your kind words and for following. If you go into the posts, I believe the comment and like boxes appear. However I have just update the setup so the like box shows on the front page. Thanks for pointing this out. I love the Bash Street Kids and the Beano. Brilliant works. G x

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