Meowth at the Museum!

Last weekend we went to Dinosaur Isle museum in Sandown, Isle of Wight. My mother-in-law works as part of the team there, so we caught up with her. The museum was pretty quiet so we got chance to have some fun and that meant taking pictures of toys for me!



Monster Collection Meowth from Takara Tomy

I also got this pic me with a T-Rex skull for a head…


It amused me!

G x

5 thoughts on “Meowth at the Museum!

    1. Sandown is very much a town under construction at the moment, a couple of its larger hotels are shut and falling into disrepair and the ‘Wight City’ holiday apartments and adjoining entertainment facilities are closed too. The pier, the zoo and Dinosaur Isle still draw the crowds but its a town in need need of investment. G x


      1. We stayed at Mrs Blackett’s next to, as I remember, the Yarborough Hotel, behind a hot dog shack which was next to the Wight City – then a huge amusement arcade with a back room which I loved full of clockwork tableau machines. We played golf on Brown’s and sailed out toy yachts on the boating lake in the evening. I remember a marionette show in a grass covered arena down by the beach and the clifftop walks to Shanklyn and Culver, both of which my mother hated because she was sure we’d fall over


      2. Brilliant. Brown’s Golf is still going strong. The cliff walks bring stunning views but not for those unsure of heights! G x


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