Pictures from the Arcade #1

Another little feature I thought I would run. I am going share some pics I have taken on my various visits to gaming arcades.

First up the view from the upper section of Arcadia, Ryde on the Isle of Wight…


This is my favourite arcade ever. It’s selection of retro cabinets is brilliant. I love the neon signs on the walls and the power cables dropping from the ceiling. It’s all an art form.

G x

4 thoughts on “Pictures from the Arcade #1

    1. There’s a great place on the Isle of Wight called Arreton Barns that has a collection of such vintage machines. Laughing policeman and the like. Good fun. G x


    1. Wight City in Sandown closed a couple of years back sadly, the whole complex is boarded up at present. They had a nice arcade there called The Mississippi Rooms. May well have been where some of the old machines came from. I do remember them having an old fortune teller machine in the doorway. G x

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