Cosmic Masque – Doctor Who Fanzine

I haven’t mentioned my obsession with Doctor Who up until this point but I’m going to now to promote another project of mine. Here we go…

For the last few years I have been the editor of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s publication ‘Celestial Toyroom’. However early last year I stepped down and moved onto reviving another DWAS publication ‘Cosmic Masque’. With Ian Wheeler as my assistant editor, our vision was to build upon CM of the past, which was home to fan fiction and to celebrate the creativeness of Who fandom. That did still mean fan fiction but also meant fan art, merchandise reviews, podcast reviews, event reports, interviews, fanzine reviews and so on. And now issue one or ‘CM I’ as it will be know is ready! Free to download from the DWAS website so what are you doing here still?! Get over there and get clicking!

Here’s the cover ;


A stunning ‘Adventure Time’ inspired piece by the hugely talented Alex Dempsey.

Please have a read and let me know what you think, any feedback, comments or submissions should be sent to

Hope you enjoy!

G x

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