My Christmas Haul!!

Well that was a blast!

My haul this year still amazes me, I got;

Xbox One and Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Jelly Belly Candy
Star Trek Voyager Season One DVD Boxset
Redshirts by John Scalzi
He-Man Minicomic Collection Book
Pop! Vinyl He-man
GI Joe 50th Anniversary Blowtorch & H.E.A.T Viper
Del Boy Autobiography Book
Star Trek Topps Cards Book
Pokemon X for 3DS
Peanuts 1960’s Collection DVD
Scooter by Mick Foley
Isle of Wight Book

Oh and the obligatory sweets and socks!

Then as a family we got Disney Infinity for the 360 along with the Luke and Leia game pack, Olaf, Minnie Mouse and Disgust from Inside Out.

A lot to read, a lot to watch and a lot to play. All so very kind, thank you to all my family for such generosity. Especially my amazing Wife who totally stunned me with the Xbox and Battlefront. So unexpected and kind. Incredible.


I hope everyone had a brilliant time and got loads of cool stuff.

G x

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