Power Rangers Megaforce – The Robo Knight Before Christmas Special

Robo Knight Before Christmas – what a cool title. Good start. Sadly from there it all goes wrong…


Robo Knight wants to know what Christmas is all about so he asks Noah. Now Noah is supposed to be the brains of this operation remember, his suggestion is to stand in a shopping mall next to a pile of donated presents and pretend to be a toy! Yes, that’s right stand in a shopping mall and observe consumerism. That’s the heart of Christmas isn’t it?! But don’t worry there is someone even more dumb than Noah as Robo Knight, a 6ft or so robot weighing who knows what is mistaken as a donation and sent to Africa with the rest of the toys! Jeez.

Once in Africa the kids ask Robo Knight if he’s Santa and if he will tell them stories. He does so around a camp fire whilst preparing some soup for them. Then the inevitable clip show begins. He recalls his history with the Power Rangers and how they are good humans and taught him about humanity. How lovely.

Once the kids are asleep he morphs into Lion Zord and whizzes to a random rooftop in New Zealand to find a gift placed on a ledge for him, how incredibly lucky he chose that roof to land on! The gift? A snow globe with a picture of him and the Rangers in. Awww…

I watched this episode with my middle daughter, she didn’t seem too impressed either to be honest. But watching in her company meant I  couldn’t swear or shout at the television of course, I won’t do that now either as I’m a good boy but you should know that this episode does make me swear. A lot. It’s not good.

But it’s Christmas, yay!

G x

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