He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special

This year I have decided to try and watch as many Christmas Specials of the shows I love as possible. So snuggle up by the fire for the first instalment…

T’was the night before we put up the Christmas tree and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even the cat… so I decided to watch ‘He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special’.


It’s a festive tradition of mine to watch this each year and every year I love it a little bit more, yes even the sappy song in the middle that Bow sings! It’s got He-Man, it’s got She-Ra, it’s got Skeletor, it’s got Hordak, the lot. The opening shot of the decorating of the halls for Adam and Adora’s birthday in the royal palace is like a who’s who of the good guys. I’m stoked to see one of my all-time favs Snout Spout present, you can’t beat a robotic elephant!

I won’t ruin the plot as everyone should watch this but basically thanks to Orko’s usual clumsiness two Earth children end up on Eternia and whilst they are there they teach everyone about the holiday of Christmas. Of course Marlena knew all about Christmas but didn’t tell anyone of her home planets traditions until now, huh?! But this isn’t that kind of review, nothing bad to see here at all.

All these lessons on giving and caring aren’t good for the bad guys agendas and Horde Prime doesn’t want Christmas spirit spread around the place, he’s bad ass, don’t you know! So he sends Skeletor and Hordak to rid the planet of the kids Forever. Mwhahaha…

Too many escapes and re-captures to count later the children end up in the clutches of Skeletor. Of course like most of the best moments and dialogue in He-Man, Skeletor comes out on top and in this special he is ‘piss your pants’ funny, that’s a technical term! Trudging through the snow with the kids they start to explain Christmas to the master of evil. Love, caring, joy, disgusting. There are some brilliant moments here; the kids explain that people have fun at Christmas to which Skeletor asks “you mean they get in fights?”. Or my funniest bit when the Manchine puppy is being carried by Skeletor and it starts liking his face. Skeletor commands it to stop but the pup isn’t listening, he carries on to which Skeletor whins “you’re drowning me!”. Classic.

The ending is a fun reversal of the evilness of Skeletor as he saves the children much to his own disgust. “I don’t feel well”, “I don’t like to feel good, I like to feel evil!”. Ok, so there is nothing amazing about this special, it’s not deep or meaningful or essential viewing but what it is, is fun, easy-going, festive goodness and who doesn’t want that this time of the year. Oh and it ends with Prince Adam dressed as Santa. Brilliant.

It has the Power.

G x

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