Star Wars Candy Sticks!!

I popped in the supermarket for bread and emerged excitedly with these, oh and the bread of course…


I love the design on these packets, the Vader image has been used a lot of late but I love the retro shading on it, it’s reminds me of the one used on the cut-out Vader mask on the back of the Cornflake cereal boxes in 1980. It’s nice to see the original droids R2 and 3PO while the rest of the galaxy seems obsessed with BB-8… he is sooo damn cute though!

I passed the contents over to my wife who loves candy sticks but I made sure I got to keep the free tattoo though! She wasn’t impressed as the first and only bite she took nearly shattered her teeth! After regaining her composure she hilariously remarked “are these from 1977?!”.


G x

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