Star Wars Cheestring Promotion

I was rushing through the supermarket to grab some lunch before work this morning when I was drawn to the cheese sections as you do or more specifically the Cheestrings. These cheesy stringy things aren’t something I have eaten before, sure they are a regular feature in our fridge but they are a kids thing. So why was I drawn to these then, well it might have something to do with the packaging…


I attended the Star Wars Celebration Europe event in London back in 2007, which was an incredible gathering of all things Star Wars. One of my favourite panels that I attended was one on collecting Star Wars food collectables hosted by the brilliant Gus Lopez among others. The presentation was on collecting and preserving food packaging that bore a Star Wars connection. I was intrigued to the point that I have over the years gathered a few bits myself and stored them in my garage. With ‘The Force Awakens’ under a month away more promotions bearing the SW logo and character are hitting the shelves, it’s a good but crazy time to be a collector.

Not only is the packaging cool on this product but it also contains two free Topps trading cards. I love trading cards and these are fantastically retro, their design is a beautiful homage to the Topps cards of the 1977.


The fun doesn’t end there though, the cheestrings themselves are individually wrapped in a neatly designed packaging that portrays a lightsaber with the cheese being the blade!


Shame the cheese tastes like shit.

G x

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