Pokemon Worlds 2015

Saturday nights towards the end of the year take a downwards spiral in our household due to the airing of the so-called entertainment juggernaut that is ‘The X-Factor’. Don’t get me started on this work of the Devil of a programme which encourages ‘performers’ to sneak into the music industry through the side door of National Television without writing their own songs, learning or playing their own instruments, playing gigs, recording demos, taking rejections etc etc.

So whilst the rest of my family are mis-educated in the world or music. I escape into the world of Pokemon, watching the highlights of this year’s Pokemon World Championships in Boston via Twitch. Occasionally pausing to berate the X Factor, the ‘performers’, the judges and the world in general.

This year’s tournament was a sea of Japanese competitors. Last year there was only 7 in the whole tournament, this year there was 4 in the respective Juniors, Seniors and Masters Finals alone! Brilliant team building and tactical choices saw Japan take both the Juniors and the Masters won by Kotone Yasue and Shoma Honami.

My favourite of the finals though was the Seniors which saw last year’s Senior runner up Mark McQuillan from Scotland take on Korea’s Koki Honda. McQuillan seemed so relaxed throughout the game; chewing gum, smiling and winking at the camera, he was so cool and collected. His game was perfect too, everything he tried came off, he predicted moves and got the critical and he deserved it. Aside from his demeanour the coolest part of his game was the inclusion of a Machamp. Machamp is one of my all-time favourite Pokemon, so I was thrilled to see him involved, as was the crowd. A brilliant choice and a superb win. A worthy Champion and a Brit to boot, well done Mark.

Overall another excellent tournament which was a joy to watch. Well done to everyone involved and thank you to all that entered and entertained us. Poke Masters one and all!

G x

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