MMPR Imaginext Review

This review could consist of two words alone ‘nostalgic’ and cute’, no make that three and add a ‘super’ in front of the ‘cute’. Ever since I saw the pics of these beauties online I have been waiting for them to hit the shelves and they have finally arrived…

First up the packaging and it is so cool to see the MMPR logo in the top corner. There is a sweet battle scene of the range on the back of the package which screams “buy us all!” Now don’t be put off by the clear age recommendation on the box that states 3-8 years old. Remember this is only a ‘recommendation’ and clearly a very wrong one. It must be a typo, so let’s ignore it altogether!

The figures themselves are fantastic, for something so small and aimed at the younger audience the detail is really nice with a good paint job too. One thing which does surprise me is the articulation, whilst the legs offer a stand up and sit down mode only the arms at the shoulders are ball sockets, allowing for some neat little poses. The weapons are super cool in their over-sized style. There is something truly brilliant about a weapon that is as tall as it’s welder!

I figure I must be the target audience for these bad boys. I want them for the nostalgia and as a Power Ranger collector. I want my son to play with them to introduce him into my world of toys, so not only do I buy them, I buy two sets of each, one for both of us. Sucker or devoted… please don’t answer that!

So in summary I love these guys – nostalgic, super cute and fricking awesome!

Oh and the Megazord just made my Christmas list.

G x

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