TMNT Alphabet

I was browsing my local comic book store in Ryde the other day, the brilliantly named ‘The Fantastic Store’ complete with a Fantastic Four font for their logo when I stumbled across this book…

(Note the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle title, so clearly a UK release as we are too wimpy for the ‘Ninja’ part… sigh!)

I’d never seen this before so paid the super-reasonable price tag of £2 and skipped off home. It’s a fun book with cool art in the style of the Turtles cartoon.

There has been a great effort made to tie the descriptions of the words to the Turtles but not as directly as I thought they would. I was expecting things like ‘R is for Radical!’ and so on but not this time. So I thought it might be fun to devise my own TMNT Alphabet!

Enjoy, share and feel free to educate your children as follows…

A is for Ace Duck
B is for Bebop
C is for Cowabunga
D is for Donatello
E is for ‘Enter the Shredder’
F is for Foot Clan
G is for Genghis Frog
H is for Halfcourt
I is for Irma Langinstein
J is for Joe Eyeball
K is for Krang
L is for Leonardo
M is for Michaelangelo
N is for Ninjutsu
O is for Ooze
P is for Pizza
Q is for Quarry
R is for Raphael
S is for Splinter
T is for Tokka
U is for Uncanny Trio
V is for Venus
W is for Wingnut
X is for Dimension X
Y is for Usagi Yojimbo
Z is for Zipp

Bye for now,
G x

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