Power Rangers Dino Charge Figure Review

After more trips to my local toy store than is probably natural for a 32 year old man, I was finally confronted with the toys I was looking for. Yes, Power Rangers Dino Charge has hit the shelves, I even snapped the display and sent the pic to my wife for excited proof…

After scrutinising the first wave of the range, I plucked for the Red Ranger figure and headed for the tills. The staff seem to be aware now of my passion for Rangers as no gift receipt was offered this time and back to work I scurried, a very happy boy!

First up I love the packaging design – the jagged edges and action pose of the Ranger in the top corner are very cool. I also like the grey background that make the figure really look alive. All very eye-grabbing. The back of the card is just as exciting, we have bios! Finally something worth keeping the card for, a really nice addition. Also if you are careful with your removing of the bubble, you can get a nice clean backing card to save.

The figure itself is sweet. Sure it has the legs of the Super Megaforce range but the body sculpt is really smart. I particularly like the scaled effect of the arms and the one shoulder pad which has cleverly been placed on a hinge as to not restrict playablity and poses. Good thinking. The paint job is nice with a striking yellow across the chest and a neat job on the helmet. Now onto the weapons, now I understand the need to keep these one colour, keep the production cost down etc and this time they couldn’t have chosen a cooler finish – I love and I mean love these neon green bad boys! I’m sure they will have a few haters but personally I really like neon weapons, they conjure up wonderful memories of the weapons from vintage ranges such as Toxic Crusader, Bucky O’Hare and the latter TMNT toys… noticing a Playmates theme here. The articulation whilst not incredible is flexible enough to create some neat poses and have some good fun with.

Overall I am loving this toy and can’t wait to pick up the rest of the range. Now just to wait for the series to air in the UK, not long to go…

G x

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