Omega Complete

Ok… I ‘completed’ Omega Ruby some time ago but I can’t stop playing the game long enough to write these thoughts down, so I will be quick before another rustle in the long grass interrupts me… I am referring to Pokemon here, I’m not hiding in someone’s bushes… honestly!

Put simply, this game has totally blown me away. The scale, the graphics, the style, the gameplay, the music, the everything! When I first got my copy I played it non-stop but I must admit I did hit a bit of a lull whilst I was caught up in some console games. Then I was unwell and laid up in bed for a couple of days, so I picked up on my game again and I was totally hooked. I literally played it for hours as the pace and the story developed from a gallop into a dash. The intensity of the gaming at the end was superb, brilliantly written. I loved the grandeur of the Elite Four battles and the games final twists and turns, which were gloriously presented. And then just when you think you are done, the game keeps expanding through updates and the search for more Pokemon extending… this really is the game cartridge that keeps giving!

My quest for a full Pokedex continues and the search for Legendary monsters still await… but as far as my own personal quest is concerned this is a Pokemon game off the list and I enjoyed every single minute of it. A top game.

One down, a lot to go, next up… White.

G x

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