Moomins on the Riviera Review

It’s Sunday morning and I have a hang-over that won’t quit, but I have a date, a date I cannot miss, a date I have been looking forward to for a few weeks now, a date that involves my youngest daughter, me and The Moomins, no hang-over is going to ruin this…

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Moomins, from watching the cartoon during my childhood to reading the novels and comic strips as an adult (of sorts!). This bizarre group of characters with their care-free ways have always appealed. So when we saw the trailer for The Moomins on the Riviera, the date was set.

I must admit I wanted to love this movie right from the start, the hand drawn animation and synopsis had me charmed from the beginning and I wasn’t left disappointed. In fact ‘charming’ is the perfect word for this film, there’s a lovely simplicity to it, which is lost in other films to drama, tension, action, explosions and fart jokes… although I do love a good fart joke! Instead, here we have a tale of caution wrapped in the most gorgeous of subtle pallets; the high life isn’t always the best life. It’s a movie that will leave your heart as warm as the broad smile on your face. The animation and screenplay are a lovingly crafted homage to Tove Jansson and Lares Jansson ‘Moomin’ comic strip with a soundtrack as magical as it is mellow, a wonderful married to the characters innocent dialogue. I wanted to love it and I truly did.

I left the cinema with my daughters little hand snuggled in mine and felt the wonders of innocent joy…

So there you go… put this on your movie poster “A hang-over blues cure and a half – The Moomins”

G x

Ps – The Director is the incredibly named Xavier Picard… how cool is that?!

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