I Love Humans

Every once in a while an act of wonderful human kindness occurs and the other week it happened to us…

My youngest daughter was sporting a ‘cold’ of horrible proportions. The poor thing has been putting a brave face on it all, but on this day it all got too much and all because of an arcade machine. Yes, the dreaded claw machines… this time around they were home to some super cool My Little Pony plushes and she had her mind and heart firmly set on a Twilight Sparkle. Believe me when I say we tried, literally every member of the family dug deep and tried their luck. Every time without fail, the claw gripped the prize but then proceeded to drop it on route to the win zone. Watching her little face rise with excitement and then sink with sadness was painful. But there comes a point though when you have to say enough is enough, we aren’t going to win and let’s move on. It’s normally around this time that the tears set in. Normally they are tantrum related and are short enough lived to walk away emptied handed but this time with illness in tow, this was different. This was sobbing of the heart-breaking nature. So we relented and tried again and again, the lady in the arcade even re-arranged the plushes to aid our victory, she even donated a pound to the cause but still no joy.

Then it happened, the moment that saved the day and restored all faith in human beings…

In-between our attempts at winning a young man in his 20’s kept emerging to try his luck. We spoke briefly and he said he had tried loads the day previous and had one two in one grab earlier that day. He had being playing another claw machine on our final attempt and had just won himself a Marvel plush. What followed was a few hushed words with the arcade attendant which resulted in him swapping his prize for a MLP for my daughter! I was literally blown away by such a lovely motion. The tears slowed and the smile returned to my daughters face as she hugged her Twilight Sparkle. We thanked our generous new friend as many times as possible in a small space of time and parted happy, content and with tiny tears of joy in my eyes.

It’s true… ‘Friendship is Magic’…

G x

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