Uncle Scam

Arreton Barns on the Island is home to a nice collection of vintage arcade/amusement machines. There are some great treasures from the past on display and all in playable order including some cool ‘one armed bandit’ fruit machines. Hold on… can you still call them ‘one armed bandits’ or is that politically incorrect?! I’m not sure myself but oh well I just did and twice, so cut my arm off…


It’s also home to the one and only Uncle Sam, here’s a pic recorded for prosperity, much to the humiliation of my oldest daughter who snapped it (reluctantly)…

Yes for 25 cents (or 10p now) Sam will tell you the strength of your personality, a bargain! At a glance the list of qualities are all very predictable; Loveable, Jealous, Big Head, Romantic, Hot Stuff, Cold Fish and so on but then a closer inspection reveals… ‘Tax Cheat’!! I am now convinced, as any other sane person would be that this machine is nothing but a US Government tool. There is probably a trapdoor or a tunnel linking to the Pentagon or something that springs into life when your unsuspecting ‘Tax Cheat’ steps up to test if he is a ‘Cold Fish’ or not. The next thing you know he is ‘bang to rights’ with federal agents smashing in from everywhere to bust their man with Uncle Sam’s cold metal face grinning on. Genius device.

Just for the record, I didn’t have a go and no it wasn’t that I was scared or nervous or a tax cheat, I just didn’t want too. So there.

Gotta go now as I think the FBI might be onto me for discovering their little scam, a life on the run awaits…

G x

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