Arcade Games – Shopping Haul

I went games shopping the other weekend in Arcade Games, Shanklin. They have a huge stock of retro games; I was truly spoilt for choice. In the end I plumped for WWF Wrestlemania Challenge on the NES and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Master System in a ‘2 for £10 deal’.

Take it to the checkout...
                  Take it to the checkout…

Wrestlemania Challenge holds particular memories for me, gaming at friends. I loved this game as a child, I particularly loved the fact that you could play as Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake. Though Macho Man will always be my favourite wrestler, I’ve always had a soft spot for Brutus, as he was my first ever wrestling figure I got back in the 90’s. There must be a knack to playing this game though; I seem to end up spending most of the fight running away from my opponent, trying to restore energy! When you pull off a move though, it’s ‘punch the air’ cool, a cartridge full of fun this one. Oh and it’s got ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ in 8 bit, that’s a ringtone in the waiting, if ever I heard of one!

Sonic 2 on the Master System I had never played until now… Shock, horror, I know! I’ve played the Megadrive version to death but never this and boy have I been missing out all these years. This version is awesome, I love the graphics, the simpler design and pallet and the wonderful music. It’s superb. Now I must say I’ve always had a soft spot for Tails, oh sure he annoyed the sh*t out of me at times in the Megadrive version when he lost me a hedgehog load of rings but in all I do love the little fox and this game is nothing but a Tails tease. He’s on the cover, he’s on the title screen, he’s even in the shots of the introduction to each new stage but not in the game because… he’s been Tailsnapped!! And that makes me very angry, I’m coming little buddy, I will save you and I will have vengeance on the Eggman that did this! Game flippin’ On.

Overall two top purchases, a very happy days shopping…

G x

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