The Dinosaur King Bug

I’ve recently become kinda hooked… ok obsessed with the arcade machine Dinosaur King.


For those that haven’t stumbled across this electronic bundle of fun, it’s basically a Dinosaur vs Dinosaur game with a Rock, Paper, Scissors fighting system. It’s a Sega thing and has Anime characters through-out. But here is the coolest things – it gives you cards!! That’s right, drop your coin in the slot and you are presented with a trading card, depending on your luck, you can get Dinosaur cards, move cards and a lot of them. You then swipe your cards, to chose which Dino you use and what moves he can pull off. Trust me… it’s cool, check this bad boy out.

I do have two complaints though…

(1) The machine is too small, it’s too low to the ground, it’s tiny. I’m not tall at all but I have to kneel down to play it… is this designed for kids or something?! Do they not think adults like Dinosaurs and cards?!


(2) At the end of your game, a screen is displayed asking you to share the machine and let others in the queue play. To which I replied “p*ss off game, you’re not my real Dad” Apparently the parents behind me with their kids didn’t like that… score, no queue!

G x

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