Go go… Megaforce!

Go go Me… I’ve finished Power Rangers Megaforce!

The best description of PR I ever heard came from my good friend Rich when I set upon this quest. He summed it up as;

“ninja fighting, giant robots, Godzilla style giant creature fights and bad acting”

I couldn’t have put it better myself and every element mentioned are what drew me to show. It almost feels like a safety blanket that each episode, let alone series will promise all of the above. In this respect Megaforce doesn’t disappoint.

Job done... Roll Out!
Job done… Roll Out!

The Good…

The series opener ‘Mega Mission is, a to be expected introduction to the new Rangers. The episode bears great resemblance to the MMPR opener ‘Day of the Dumpster’ which can be described as either nice writing or lazy writing and I really haven’t decided which it is still. But by the way of an introduction its not too bad an episode. Sure the characters are very atypical; serious one, sporty one, nerdy one, friend of the Earth one and the yellow one! But there is a nice mention of Zordon so I’m happy…

What I do like and continued to enjoy during the season were Troy’s visions of the Legendary War, these looked so cool. The sight of all those different Rangers en mass is super cool and I can’t wait to see that in full. The little teasers are nice now, the anticipation increasing, excellent stuff.

My favourite episode was ‘Dream Snatcher’ this had a much more sinister feel to it. It was well shot and even well acted. Something of a rarity I’m afraid…

As you can see I am struggling now to find more ‘The Good’ to report.

Oh… I do like the theme tune!!

The Bad…

Ranger-wise, I’m sorry but I cannot warm to the Blue Ranger character Noah at all. Dull, boring, meh – Nerds are not like this in the real world, it’s a lie! And Troy is no Red Ranger, he doesn’t seem to have enough enthusiasm to inspire himself let alone a team. Give the role to Adam, he’s the star here.

Can I ask… why are Bernie and the Teacher (see I haven’t even learnt his name) in the opening credits?! Seeing them there implies they are going to be recurring or pivotal characters when they are neither. Why are they there?!

My biggest gripe was the cleanliness of the show and it’s settings. New Zealand is a beautiful place I’m sure but the scenery here is pitched as perfect right down to every blade of grass! Given the show is ramming the environment and looking after the world down kid’s throats how about showing them how bad things can/could be/are (delete as appropriate) instead of perfection. Oh and how about another touch of realism maybe after a fight our heroes could be seen a little fatigued, with a bead of sweat or a hair out of place?!

About half a dozen episodes in we are introduced to this series ‘Sixth Ranger’ Robo Knight. He’s pretty cool, fights well, looks good but then does the whole ‘I want to understand humans’ thing and by the end of the series this gets very boring. Let him do what robots were designed to do; kill and not care!

The stand out worst episodes for me were ‘Harmony and Dizchord’ and ‘Last Laugh’ I mean bad guys that are defeated with a song and jokes?! And don’t even get me started on Robo Knight rapping in ‘The Human Condition’. Seriously, WTF?! Are we watching a kids show or something?! Oh… we are!

I felt the series got better as it went on with the introduction of Metal Alice. The robotic baddies therein were tougher and Vrak become more of a threat to Earth. The build was handled well over the latter episodes and then the series finale ‘End Game’ ending on a cliff-hanger was daring. This is all leading to something Super I’m sure… get it?! Super Mega Force!!

The Verdict…

So I’ve watched my first full series of Power Rangers, how do I feel? Well, I feel that I’ve achieved something, I’ve taken a few tiny steps closer to my goal, one down and all that. Megaforce was good in parts and in other parts it wasn’t and that evenness continued throughout the series, overall I would call it an average effort. It’s a shame really as I wanted to wowed and love it and shout about it. However where it didn’t disappoint were the kick-ass fight scenes and the Megazords, costumes and weapons were brilliantly stylised and these are the things that make PR for me, how can you not be suckered in by those??

So Super Megaforce next and then to decide where to go, any suggestions? Should I get the worst of the way or go for the best? Let me know what you think…

G x

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