Tasty Treasures #1 PayDay

What goes well with watching Power Rangers and playing Pokemon? Snacks of course!

Living near the seaside means we are gifted with shops dedicated to candy and treats. ‘Sweets & Treats’ in our nearest town Ryde is a favourite spot and they stock an ever increasing supply of imported goodies. That’s right candy bars and other teeth rotting snacks that have either once failed to impress the British public or have not even tried before. As a side quest, I am seeking them out to try these ‘Tasty Treasures’.

So the first up is ‘PayDay’ by Hersheys. I checked out the description and knew this wouldn’t fail to impress me, it’s basically nuts and caramel and I love them both! The bar itself is a slab of caramel smothered in salted peanuts and as everyone knows these work so well together. To make it work even better these nuts are super salty and the caramel, super sweet, a match truly made in heaven.

Caramel + Nuts = A Winner!
Caramel + Nuts = A Winner!

As you may have guessed, I Love This Bar… yum!

G x

Next Time: The Twinkie!

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