The Claw

I am sad to report there are no Skee Ball machines in Shanklin… Boo!

What there is though is a poo load of claw machines. Ah claw machines, a parents worst enemy! The amount of coins I have lost to these over the years. There is always that the feeling that one more go might just do it or what if you see someone else come along and win it right after your go! The next thing you know you have spent enough to buy the toy twice over. Try playing it with your four children watching on… god help you if you win one and expect them to share!

Today it wasn’t about the kids though, I had found a cabinet of TMNT cuddlies and I wanted one! I was wearing my Turtles t-shirt, it was meant to be, surely. I picked one up at every attempt, then the grip loosened and he fell back to his captured chums. I wasn’t giving in though, one pound became two, two pound became three and then it happened… the claw secured a good grip and with a little fortune from the bandanna clinging on, Michelangelo was mine! Boy, was I happy, the grin didn’t leave my face all day long…

Turtle Power!
Turtle Power!

Now I have to go back and win one for my son…

G x

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