Drunken Pokemon… *hic*

A warning, I feel I must pass on – Do Not Play Pokemon Drunk.

At the time it seems a good idea, you’re charged up and raring to go. You ARE a Poke Master, Prof Oak is bowing at YOUR feet, you can and WILL Catch ’em All! You are cheering your Pokemon loud enough to wake your neighbour’s Grandma and liberally chucking alcohol down your throat and all over the place at the same time. It’s magical…


Of course you know what you are doing, where you are going, no problems. You are having the battles of your life. Then the point in the evening comes when you can’t hold your bladder any longer and the thought of climbing the stairs up and down and then up again to bed are far too much, it’s time to save and quit. You save it once, maybe twice, because you can’t remember if you have saved it already and wonder if it really did save, so you save it again. All the while wondering why the DS screens keep multiplying! Then instead of climbing those Everest high stairs you fall asleep on the floor with your face on the screen, pixels burning…

It’s not until you load your game up the next day and wonder what the hell happened the night before; Where the flip am I?! What town was I in last night?! Why are my Pokemon half dead?! Where is my money?! My Berries?! And why is a recently caught Pokemon nicknamed ‘mOtthaFuddGeR’?!

Don’t do it people, don’t play Pokemon drunk – it’s not clever, it’s not sensible but it’s a bloody good laugh!!

G x

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