Diamonds & Pearls

As I said before I haven’t played Pokemon properly since the beginning with Red so I don’t for one minute claim to be educated in the games and how they have evolved. But I do know one thing… I am loving Pearl!

Monkey + Fire = How can I lose?!
Monkey + Fire = How can I lose?!

When I fired the game up the first time I have to admit I was a little nervous, I hadn’t played these games for so long and now I had made a vow to play them all! What if I hated it? What if nostalgia had clouded the truth? What if they really were for kids?! What would I do?! Obviously I would have to continue, I’d made a promise to the Internet and she doesn’t like liars! But nerves were replaced with excitement, excitement was mixed with amazement and here we are…

This game is everything I wanted it to be. The same format, the same ideas but with newer slants and new ideas introduced too. It’s the old touches that got me the most though, boy was I excited when I got an Old Rod! Then last night I arrived at the Safari Park and ended up staying up far too late on a work night throwing combinations of bait, mud and balls at anything unsuspecting Pokemon!

I went for the Fire type as my first Pokemon Chimchar and like a proud father I have watched him evolve into Infernape and grow up to level 38 so far. I have completed three gyms and my team is building nicely. I have talked to everyone I have bumped into and battled them all.

I am totally hooked, Pokemon still rocks!

Must dash now I’ve Gotta Catch ‘Em All.

G x

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