31 + 1 = 32

I love birthdays, I mean love them, like I count down the days love them and mega excited the night before love them!! This year was no exception. On the 7th of August (or as I have Officially named it now, G Day) I became 32. What did I get, I hear you ask; well let me tell you…


Dell laptop (a huge surprise of the bestest kind from my gorgeous Wife!)
Lumpy Space Princess t-shirt
Adventure Time badges
Power Rangers Megaforce Ultimate Gosei Megazord
Power Rangers Megaforce Gosei Morpher
Power Ranger Super Megaforce Legendary Megazord
Power Rangers Super Megaforce Armoured MMPR Red figure
Power Rangers Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger figure
TMNT Leo figure from current range
TMNT The Ultimate Visual History Book
Poke Ball t-shirt

A fantastic haul and once again huge thanks to all of my family for their kindness and for still buying me toys at my age, you are all so cool!

I also got presented with a number of birthday cake(s)! All yummy and decorated with Adventure Time characters… I got two cakes (LSP first of course!) before the kids devoured them!

Yum Time!
Yum Time!

The thing is although I am a mere month into my Life Quests (G Quests) the whole 31 thing is now 32 and it feels like I have lost a year in some timey-wimey way!! However progress is being made – Pokemon Pearl is going well and I am just about to finish watching Megaforce but more on those next time…

Game on...
Game on…

Oh and I found another Skee Ball machine!! This little beauty lives on Sandown Pier.

I couldn’t resist a play and managed to score a reasonable 660 high score on my first go, which I was rather pleased with. I hit four of the 100 baskets out of the 9 balls.

Another year, another Birthday, another hell of a lot of fun!

G x

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