The birth of an idea… well three ideas!


Do people still write blogs nowadays? Or more to the point, I guess do people still read them?! I hope so because as you can see, if you have stumbled this far, I have decided to write a blog… hooray!

First let me introduce myself – my name is Grant, I am a 31 year old man who lives on the beautiful Isle of Wight with my beautiful wife, Lisa and our four equally beautiful children (3 girls, 1 boy!)

Oh and I once ate 11 beautiful slices of pizza in a alcohol fuelled eating contest!

I also like the word beautiful.

I am prone to compulsive decisions, my Wife deflates when I approach a conversation with “I’ve been thinking…” or “Wouldn’t it be cool…”. she of experience knows that it is the beginning of another subject that she is going to have to battle for my attention and she has slain a few in her time. But this time I have set goals and rules and done things properly. This time it’s the long haul…

Have you ever played Skee Ball? It’s a cool ball based arcade game which has entertained adolesants for years. In our seaside arcade in Ryde there is a lone Skee Ball machine in the dingy dark far right corner. It’s at that machine that our adventure begins…

I was there with mates playing this along with other retro classics. I liked Skee Ball, it was basic yet tricky and a bloody good laugh. But that is not enough you must understand dear reader that for me to like or enjoy something isn’t enough in my head. No, why like when you can obbsess! I have this impulsive brain that wants to absorb information like a sponge when it comes to liking something. I have to read about the subject, it’s history, it’s availability, it’s popularity, it’s everything. There have been so many things I have behaved like this about… too many to list. But that day Skee Ball became one of them.

My local Skee Ball machine
My local Skee Ball machine

So I googled Skee Ball, I ended up on Youtube and watched people throwing/rolling perfect games. This one video of a perfect game would prove to have a major influence on me. In this video the guy scores a perfect game and one that final throw when the ball lands in the 100 pocket he turns elated to his friends and shrieks, jumps, shouts ‘my life quest is complete’ his friends share his joy and everything is beautiful. I’m smiling at the iPad screen, I’m happy for the boy and the amount of people that have now seen his acheivment but its not the same as living it is it?

I mean I never set out to eat 11 slices of pizza in one sitting, sure I did it and I have told the story since but it wasn’t a planned activity. It was a ‘I can eat more than you’ man statement. Had I of set a Life Quest of eating 11 slices I might have felt a sense of inner fulfilment but I didn’t. So I figured the only way to feel it is to set the target and achieve it.

So let me get to the point as I guarantee I have lost 50% of any potential audience already. I have set myself not 1, not 2, not 4 but 3 Life Quests, yes 3 – it is the magic number after all.

And here they are…

1. To watch every episode in existence and every episode to be created from now on of Power Rangers.

2. To play every game created or created from now on bearing the name Pokemon.

And because it feels only right given everything…

3. To achieve a perfect game of Skee Ball.

So there you go, those are the challenges I have set myself, those are my goals, how long they will take I don’t know but I have the rest of my life to now achieve them… let’s hope I have a few years left in me!

This blog will be your portal into my world, a gateway into the challenge burning in my brain. This blog will form a diary of my progress on these chosen Life Quests. It will also see entries of lots of random crap or thoughts as my head hurts if I don’t write things down…

So please spread the word, follow or do what you do. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter and don’t plan to be so go forth and deliver the message…

Life Quests begin at 31.

I will be back very soon with a progress update…

G x

4 thoughts on “The birth of an idea… well three ideas!

  1. Hi Grant,

    I love this and you are my hero! I hope in every way shape or form you fulfil your three new goals and finally achieve your life fulfilment.

    A comment on each of your goals with a fourth suggestion:
    1. Power rangers are awesome (White ranger Tommy in particular)
    2. Squirtle rocks, Bulbasaur blows!
    3. I will also try and play the perfect game of Skee ball! (and film for YouTube and life fulfilment)
    4. Keep up with the blog 

    Good luck you pizza eating god.

    Mr Wigglezz


  2. Dad, this blog idea of yours isn’t actually as bad as I thought it would turn out to be. It’s ok, but you will never be as good as zoella!! Xxx


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